We help clients to increase their revenue. Schay Advertising has a successful track record of meeting publishers’ net sales goals through our focused sales approach. We maintain a large database of contacts within the market, and actively reach out to potential advertisers whom we believe would be a good fit. We also maintain strong business relationships with advertisers, thereby increasing renewal of their contracts.

Reducing work and worry for our clients. We are a full-service company that specializes in advertising representation for publishers. We take care of all sales, advertising operations, billing and collections, as well as offer experienced consultation on anything advertising related. Publishers can then focus on what’s most important to them and not worry about advertising.

Transparency through easy-to-understand sales reports. Every month we provide a sales report which details activity of the previous month. This report is simple and to the point, so our publishers can easily see what we’re doing and how we are on track to meet the annual sales goals.

Quality assistance for advertisers. We are responsive to all sales inquiries and can assist in planning effective and affordable advertising campaigns for all advertisers.


Our Qualities:

We know the Catholic market. We focus exclusively on the Catholic market, and have developed a keen sense of what motivates the different audience segments to act. In addition, we take the time to get to know each client’s unique audience, and therefore can better match ads to the viewers—creating a win/win situation for both advertiser and publisher.

Honest and efficient service. We value the business relationships we create and strive to perform at a high level. In all our interactions with publishers, media buyers, and advertising clients, you can trust that we will be honest and get the job done right.

Effectively leveraging industry-leading technology. We make use of current tools and services to effectively monitor and serve ads as well as measure website traffic and profile audiences.